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Marketing Services

PR&More is offering to its clientele Market and Competition Analysis on a strategically basis, as external partner and on a different angle, having the advantage of the easier penetration and access on the information needed (especially in the cases where the competition in limited), helping the marketing departments to gain the greatest possible use of the information offered. The department of the Competition analysis is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors from an inside to outside framework both in Greece and in South Eastern Markets.

PR&More clearly communicates the best strategic thinking to meet the decision-making needs of knowledgeable executives managing real-world businesses while and at the same time is helping the client’s marketing department for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. In the transforming market that we are currently viewing, our company comes dynamically to offer to its clientele the correct information about the new market trends nationally and internationally due to its global network and its solid network of collaborators.

In regards to the digital Marketing, we offer the ability to our clients to integrate all the creative and technical aspects of the web-world, in the design, development and promotion of their products/services combining the modern web tools with the latest trends in an optimum way.

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