Export Consulting Services

Exclusive Representation

PR&More offers services of exclusive representation to suppliers who wish a fully integrated export service provision. The members of our export services department attend the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes.

We undertake your current client portfolio expanding its potential, create new markets and clients, work on new products and provide support at all stages of the export process.

PR&More is providing Services for each phase of the Export program Sales management and development. Among many others, we are:

  • Getting Your Company "Ready" for Exporting - equip your company with the necessary Tools to get you started on the right track in Exporting.
  • Offering detailed Market Research - provide assistance with market research, identifying the competition, best markets for your product/service, etc.
  • Setup Export Program - provide assistance in developing an Export Program/ Policy/ Guidelines for your company to successfully manage your international business, from identifying the right product/service for export; to assigning the right company to represent you; to making the sale and shipping your cargo.
  • Furthermore, we provide assistance in getting your company setup to comply with various Export Regulations depending on the targeted Market.
  • Developing Markets - provide assistance in developing a Sales & Marketing plan to develop new territories and reach new customers.
  • 3rd Party Services - connect you with reputable companies that provide export-related services, including: Legal Representation Agreements, Transportation of Cargo, etc..
  • Overseas Customs Clearance Troubleshooting - provide assistance with customs clearance if your cargo is stuck in customs overseas and your broker is simply unable to come to a resolution.
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